Cut Onion Without Crying

Cut Onion Without Crying: Here are a few ideas to reduce or maybe eliminate eye irritation while peeling, cutting or eating onions.

1- Use a sharp knife to cut an onion 

2- Peel the onion then Rinse it right before cutting.

3- Chill the onion in the refrigerator overnight.or leave it in the freezer for a couple of minutes before taking it out to chop.

4- Cut the root of the onion last as it contains a higher concentration of enzymes.

5- Peel and cut the onion under running water or peell and cut them in a basin of water.

6- Use a fan to blow the LF (Onion gas) away from your eyes as you chop them..

7- You can always wear onion goggles.

If you like to eat raw dry onion with your food, after peeling and cutting it into segments add crushed ice on the segments and let it stand for few minutes.

Although using the above methods might not completely eliminate the unpleasant effect cutting an onion has on our eyes but they might reduce the burning significantly. I personally found that by storing the onion in the refrigerator for couple of days made a difference. Here is a video on how to cut an onion

My personal favorite way to cut onions without crying includes using a sharp knife and refrigerating onions overnight.