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Some Traditional Onion Cures:

Onions are used as a cure for boils and blisters in many parts of the world.  A traditianal remedy for systs is to tie half a baked onion to the afflicted area for several hours. An aplication of row onion is also said to be helpful in reducing swelling from bee stings.  In the United States, products that contain onion extract are used in the treatment of topical scars;

Research on Onion Cures

As is mostly the case, some studies have found their action to be ineffective, while others found that they may act as an anti-inflammatory agent. As a personal note I would like to include my own experience with onion as a syst remedy. I remember when I was a kid, My mother had cured a syst on my brother's back by boiling an onion cutting it in half and applying directly over the syst after cooling it to a tolerance level of course. "It matures the syst" she used to say and as a matter of fact the boil matured in couple of hours the pus drained and the pain was gone.

It is said Onions to be beneficial to women who are at increased risk for osteoporosis as they go through menopause. An American chemist has stated that onions have the potential to alleviate sore throat.

I would also like to hear your experience with onion cures.

Please do remember that consulting a doctor is always a good idea as I am not a doctor.

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