Beets (Types Of Beets How To Choose Beets)

Beets are grown in different varieties, red, golden, and striped. I am going to talk today on the red variety which is the most popular
and widely available in almost all supermarkets and local ethnic produce stores.

Beets (all varieties included) are from the same family as Swiss chard and spinach. Although they are available all year around,
they are more abundant from June to October.

How To Choose Beets

During summer and early fall beets are sold attached to their greens. Buying the beets with their greens might be slightly more expensive than buying the beet roots on their own, but it's worth it. It's the best way to insure freshness. Choose roots that are firm with smooth skin, and the attached greens, crisp and brightly colored. Healthy crisp leaves mean healthy fresh roots.

Also try to choose beets with rounded bottoms. Rounded bottom beets are sweeter than the flat bottom beets. For even and fast cooking, pick small to medium-sized beets. I usually choose beets the size of a tennis ball.

Storing Beet Greens

At home, separate the greens from the roots, leaving behind approximately two inch stem. The greens if stored with the roots will suck moisture out of the beets causing the roots to wrinkle and spoil sooner. Store the roots unwashed in a plastic bag in the refrigerator crisper drawer. They will stay fresh for a couple of weeks. Wrap the greens in a damp towel and keep them in
the fridge. Use the greens in few days.

Beets As Source Of Sugar

Beets are one of the main source of table sugar. One third of the world's sugar supply comes from sugar beets. Beets have a higher sugar content than any other vegetable.

Types Of Beets

Most beet roots are both earthy and sweet tasting and go well with variety of root vegetables. Beets can be juiced, steamed, boiled, fried, pickled, grilled and baked or grated raw and used in salads. It is used in many dishes like beet salad and in the famous cabbage diet soup, but one recipe which is particularly popular, is the traditional Russian soup called borscht.

How To Clean Beets

Gently scrub and wash the beets under cold running water before use in order to remove sand and soil. It is not recommended to peal the beets before cooking. Leave the pealing for later. It's very easy to peal the beets after they are cooked. The only inconvenience is that the rich red color can stain your fingers. Use kitchen gloves while peeling the beets or peal them  under running water.

Cooking Beets

Do not overcook beets as it will loose all the essential nutrients.


Which Type Of Beets Is Healthier

Which type of beets is healthier or do they all have the same nutrition value. I want to add beets to my diet. I didn't know it was this good for me. Thanks for posting this article.