Best Coupon Clipping Websites

It is amazing how much you can save by having a coupon. The Best Coupon Websites should be easy to navigate.  Grocery coupons shouldn't be mixed with appliance coupons. 

I want to be able to get to the coupon category I want with as few clicks as possible and spend more time choosing than figuring out how the website works. If You have a favorite Coupon Clipping Website share it with us. But don't just name the website. Describe your experience and how to navigate through the website.

I wanted to do this for a while but had no time to write so finally decided to allow you to give me your input. The websites I am checking on and will elaborate more on are,,,,,

Remember that not all stores accept online or printed coupons. So best practice is to first check with the store you intend to make a purchase from before going through the process downloading software and registering for multiple sites.

Also don't fall in love with only one coupon site. Have a list of favorites because you never know what you might be missing. Happy couponing.


Great Advice!

Thanks for this post.  Good advice. A great coupon site a great coupon site should  have a great selection, and easy navigation!

I keep seeing new coupon clipping websites every day

I keep seeing new coupon clipping websites everyday. The amazing thing is many are the same they almost look alike and I would dare say don't have too much to offer. But when you do find some good ones stick with them as they'll always give you some great deals.

For coupon clipping websites I would recommend,, and coupon

Even though I use all these sites I always keep my eye open to find a new one that might be providing something the others aren't. 

What do you think about coupon clipping websites that charge

I was going through some sites and there was one that charges for their service. Is that something common?

I haven't come across coupon websites that charge

Do you have any examples of coupon clipping websites that charge?

If you were to choose 3 coupon clipping websites

If you were to choose 3 coupon clipping websites which would it be? And why would you choose those sites.

Everyone will find a different coupon clipping website

I really don't have a favorite coupon clipping website. They all do the job at different levels of satisfaction but since I enjoy the process of hopping from one coupon website to another and discovering things for myself. The only ones that you kind of shy away from are the new ones as they have not grown yet and don't have much choices.

Coupon Clipping Websites That Have Clear Expiration Dates

I want to make it clear that some of the coupons that I clipped from coupon clipping websites were not accepted but in general most were. Number one thing to look for is the expiration date. Sometimes you get excited that you found a coupon for something you want to buy and neglect to look at the expiration date.

So lesson learnt is look at the expiration date before clipping the coupon.

Expiration date on a coupon clipping site is important

I agree that the expiration date on a coupon clipping site is important. You don't want to keep checking for expiration date. The coupons that are valid should be the only ones showing.

My favorite coupon clipping websites are

My favorite coupon clipping websites are coupon mom and coupons. I will write a review on these coupon websites in the near future.

I'll try these coupon clipping websites

I'll try these coupon clipping websites. Which one is your favorite though.