Best Diet Programs (Weight Loss Stories)

The search for the best diet programs can be really tiring and disappointing to say the least. Thousands claim theirs is the best diet program around. Everyone has the desire and the wish to live a healthy and productive life. Although exercise seems to be the answer, but it is proven that exercise alone will not give the result intended without an honest and realistic diet program. Losing weight while gaining health in the process would be great. Who doesn't want that? I think it is time to filter through all the hype and find that someone who has been there and done it right and is willing to share it with you. Here are a couple of real weight loss stories told by real people. I've also added links to their websites too.

Isabel De Los Rios:

A certified nutritionist and exercise specialist. Isabel was overweight and from a family with a long history of diabetics. Everyone told her that in time she too, like the rest of her family, will develop diabetes too. So Isabel either had to wait for the day she will be diagnosed with diabetes or do something about it and cheat the disease. Isabel researched with determination. Her efforts led her to non traditional doctors who were using nutrition to deal with a long list of medical conditions. She reached out and got the necessary help and changed her destiny. She has been very vocal and has helped thousands to lose weight, gain energy and live healthy and fulfilling lives. As a result of this experience and knowledge she authored The Diet Solution Program Isabel’s nutritional strategy is completely different and that's what sets her apart from all the rest. An approach based on results not hype. Isabel's story has motivated many to achieve what Isabel has. Her diet website Isabel De Los Rios


Long term weight loss is my goal

I have been able to lose weight but keep gaining the weight back and plus. These stories are very encouraging and the approach they took. I think I will give this one more try.

Thanks for these weight loss stories it seems like

each one is a completely different situation. I for one am afraid that I will be diagnosed with diabetes so Isabel's story is very encouraging. I did check her website and am going to try it. Thanks