Best Diet Programs (Weight Loss Stories) John Bezoni's Story

Nutritionist John Bezoni

John was clinically Obese even though he was a nutritionist? Once he got to this level he either had to accept it or do something about it. His diet strategies were not working. The best diet programs didn't help. So what was the culprit?

His fat storing genetics, as he found out, were doing too good a job of storing fat. Back to the drawing board, talking with experts and researching led him to find out what are the best foods for people with strong fat storing genetics to lose weight. He used himself to test out the theories and ideas and finally It worked! He was so successful that he has been seen on ABC, Today, CBS, Fox, NBC John states that with his program you will not gain rebound fat because first you will repair the fat burning furnace and then loose weight and therefore keep it off.

There is great interest in John bezoni's program due to the fact that it is so simple and effective. So for those who have tried a lot of diets including excercise and just can't loose weight then by simply changing the type of food you eat might do the trick.

I think no matter what program you choose the number one question that needs to be answered is if this is permenant or is it temporary program. A temporary weight loss program is anything that promises quick and immediate weight loss and oh by the way you don't need to do anything. Because somehow they have done it for you. A true weight loss program is not a program but rather a change in habits, lifestyle and it is all for the better

First on the list is to repair the fat burning furnace as John puts it and then you will be on your way to permenant weight loss  John Bezoni's Website


Very enlightening weight loss story

Very enlightening weight loss story. There is always a way to lose weight but it seems like, based on these stories, we just need to find which way works best for us.