Best Diet Programs (Weight Loss Stories) My Story

Best Diet Programs (Weight Loss Stories) My Story

Where did I get the idea of writing this series on best diet programs (Weight Loss Stories)? I have gone through the process of gaining and losing weight. I love food and do eat but also I lead an active lifestyle. So when I got depressed a lot of the activities suddenly came to a screeching halt.

Question. Do you think that I also stoped eating?
Answer is No

So here I am with more time to eat in an effort to feel good or just because I love food and the result was as you guessed not what I wanted. So you can get into a downward spiral and the more weight you gain the more you think that is it.

Needless to say I don't have any pictures from that period of my life because I avoided having pictures taken of me.

I do welcome input from a dietician or a nutritionist but this is what I did.

So what did I do:

First I watched a lot of comedy. I did eat a little more healthy food although junk food was within reach.
Drinking one glass of water with half a lemon squeezed in it. (Every morning)
Watching and listening to comedy while I get ready for work
Placing some almonds in water and eating a few when I felt hungry. Also having ample celery.

Now I also ate a lot of yogurt with olive oil this recipe is available on this website Labneh Recipe
I know that they say olive oil doesn't help you to loose weight but my goal wasn't just losing weight but getting back my healthy life back.

To lose weight you have to lose your bad habits. I stoped drinking any kind of soda. Once in a blue moon you'll find me drinking one but that's it. Now for Alcohol I will drink when with friends (As long as it's not everyday!)

So I also found time to go out on walks but I am not talking about strolls but rather walking like you really have to get somewhere quick.

The result was clear in four months I have lost a lot of weight. By the way I did not weigh myself. It is all mental I was overweight and I felt that I didn't need to know just do what I have to and get myself back on track.

So I am close to what I want but it looks like losing a couple more pounds would be good.

My approach was not buying into pills. I added my daily activity, changed my diet a little and changed my attitude by watching positive movies. To lose weight you have to lose your bad habits even if you want to lose 500 pounds just changing your habit and adding a little activity and building on that can make miracles. You are a miracle don't let junk food to destroy your life.

I am not a doctor or nutritionist these are my experiences and you should check with your doctor to see what level of excercise is good to start on your journey to a better life.

I want to hear your positive and not so positive weight loss stories. Constructive comments are welcome.