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Tom Venuto

Is a Seven Time Mr Natural Bodybuilding Champion, author of 49 Days To Permanent Weight Loss Recently Featured in Oprah Magazine who said "Venuto is honest" about what it takes to "drop a significant number of pounds". Tom discovered a study published 80 years ago. That there are three body types and each type stores and burns fat differently and require a different approach. He put this newly found knowledge to use and turned himself from the obese college student to a natural weight lifting Champion within months?. He has helped thousands. Has been a trainer, coach and gym manager for over 20 years. Featured in Men's Fitness Magazine, First for Women Magazine, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, ESPN-1250 Tom's system is geared towards empowering you to burn fat and re-energize your metabolism. It is not a temporary fix it is meant to help you to achieve weight loss without resorting to medical, or surgical options. Tom Venuto's Website


it seems that it doesn't

it seems that it doesn't effect on weight loss plans. What I do is buy capsiplex and leave the rest on exercise.

Thanks for sharing Tom venuto's story

Thanks for sharing Tom Venuto's story. Stories like this encourage me.

Tom Venuto's Three body types for diet is interesting

Three body types and a different approach for each type. That is a good idea better than the generic diet that doesn't take into account the type of body. Thanks Tom Venuto

Weight Loss Pills Commericals do they work?

Weight loss pills commercials do they work or is it all just not good? I like these weight loss stories keep them coming.

Losing Weight is so hard but these stories are inspirational

Losing weight is so hard and these stories are great inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

I love the weight loss stories idea

Can I add my own weight loss story to yours? I have tried pills, all these quick loss programs and I have an unsucessful weight loss story? Any help would be appreciated. But I want to write what I tried and how it didn't work?I haven't tried the programs that are being talked about in this series, whick now that I think about it are more realistic than a pill or a drink.

Is Tom Venuto's Weigh Loss Program For Weight Lifters Only!

Is Tom Venuto's program for weight lifters only or is it good for anyone. I ask because weight lifters have to build a good appetite too to build those muscles. 

I am encouraged by these stories and have asked a friend who is seeking to loose weight to read these stories. A way to rate the programs would be great and classifying them also.

I love what Tom Venuto and others are doing instead of pushing a weight loss pill they're giving good advice for lasting help. Not a limited time only weight loss program.

I like this weight lose story

I like this weight lose story . I will try to follow Tom's workout plan. Its an impressive post that you shared dear. Weight lose is not a very difficult task and we can lose weight through regular exercise and diet plan. Anyway great sharing.