Best Oil For Frying Chicken

What Is The Best Oil For Frying Chicken? I've tried vegetable oil but is that the best choice or is there something better. As I walked down the isle of the supermarket I saw too many choices.

Since the last time I wrote this question I did get the opportunity to research the subject and the following is my take on what is the best oil for frying chicken.

I asked Mariette, a home cook who has her own Cooking Show which you can find on this website and youtube. Here is her answer to the question.

Mariette's Answer

Popular olive oil is good for you if used at room temperature but not necesserally a healthy choice for deep frying. Olive and many other oil have low smoking point and can get quite dangerous and unhealthy when heated to high temperature. (above 446 degree C  / 230 degree C)

In my opinion peanut oil, corn oil, soya bean oil,  are suitable to be used for frying because they have high smoking point.

I  want to also mention here also that the ideal cooking temperature for deep frying is 375 degree F . At this temperature the food is cooked inside out  and it absorbes very little oil. I hope I helped. 

Here is a fried Cajun chicken that is kitchen tested or try baking chicken