Best Tofu Brands To Buy

What are the best tofu brands to buy? I will be purchasing some Tofu and wanted to know which brand is the best, is there a brand of tofu that is better or are they all the same?

How can I tell if the tofu I'm buying is good quality. I hear tofu turkey is good which brands actually make tofu turkey. Is the generic tofu any different than the brand tofu besides price and or are there any generic companies to look for?

Also if you can answer my question on  Where to buy tofu?


Best Brands For Tofu

First regardless of which is the best brands for tofu make sure the tofu is very firm that is the best. If you are buying for desserts then buy soft tofu. Try  Whole Foods brands. Naiosa and White Wave I understand costco has it so if they have their own brand I would assume that's good too.

I myself am just starting to use Tofu and this is what I've been advised so far. I too am looking for some other source to buy from because these really healthy food is not so healthy for my pocket.

Did you find a good tofu brand that is also fair priced?

Did you find a good tofu brand that is also fair priced? I am very interested in finding the best tofu brands at the right price.