Bottled and Sold On Book TV Our Obsession with Bottled Water and the Enviromental costs

I was just watching book TV and Peter Gleick the author of Bottled and Sold was making a presentation on his book. What I got out of it is very interesting, he is saying that in most cases tap water is better than bottled water. Chlorine that is in our water system kills most of the germs and has helped eliminate a lot of diseases that used to be transferred through the water system. So according to his research tap water is safe.

So companies that market water actually take out the minerals in the water and put back what their marketing department thinks will make the taste marketable and to make sure that the brand tastes the same no matter where it is purchased.

What is the true production and environmental costs of this industry?

I have always wondered about the quality of water. So if most tap water is safe then why do we need to buy bottled water? What do you think?


spring water is it really

Is spring water really spring water and if it is how do I know it is good? Love an answer!

Measuring water quality

It would be nice to be able to to measure the water quality