Brewing wine. Can I boil my Carboy to sanitize it?

For brewing wine at home. Do I need all these chemicals that are being recommended or can I just simply boil water in my glass carboy. Want to avoid all these chemicals if possible.

Also I am looking for a place to buy my home wine making supplies. I've been doing lots of reading on this and any advice would be appreciated.

Best way to make wine at home. The equipment that you have actually used that gave you the best results. If I was to buy a book on the subject what would be the best Home wine making book that covers all the steps and equipment.

Visualize this someone who wakes up and suddenly wants to make wine at home just simply as an adventure and if it is a fun process maybe get more immersed in making all kinds of varieties of wine.

I see wine kits being sold everywhere. Is it a good idea to buy a wine kit or just simply put one together with your advice ofcourse.


Home made wine is not as good

Home made wine is not as good as ready made wine. I have tried plenty of times at home, but taste diffres a lot.