Butter Versus Margarine

What is the healthier choice? Butter versus Margarine. I was using margarine and a friend was telling me that it would be better if I use Butter because it is healthier. I don't understand what is the difference. I want to eat healthy food and I am becoming more interested on what is healthy food.

Also is Butter or Margarine better for someone watching their cholestrol.

If you can explain the differences.


Organic Butter or Melt Spread

I agree – butter, specifically organic butter will always be a healthier choice than any food product containing additives, chemicals, and most importantly hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils (trans fats found in margarine) – which should be banned from the food supply. If you eat butter, it should be organic from grass-fed cows because poor and unethical industrial practices have seriously compromised the quality of meat and dairy products in the U.S - which means you are potentially ingesting hormones, pesticides, herbicides, and very poor quality saturated fat. With that said, I do not personally eat much butter because it is hard on my digestion. “Melt” is the only butter substitute I eat – it’s really rich and creamy, organic with a great oil blend, and doesn’t have artificial colors, weird chemicals, or garbage oils. It’s the real deal for great taste and optimal nutrition in dietary fat. You can check them out at meltbutteryspread.com. Good luck! Just remember to avoid anything with hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils, any ingredients that you don’t understand (i.e., chemicals), and that rely heavily on soybean oil, which is a cheap, junk oil of no nutritional value whatsoever.

I guess it is Organic Butter Versus Margarine Versus Melt Spread

I guess it is organic butter versus margarine versus melt spread. I didn't know much about Melt spread. I will definitely try it.

Butter is natural while Margarine is not

Butter has essential fatty acids that the body needs. Eating butter in moderation is best though. But doctors have promoted margarine because of many reasons but the body can't break margarine down like it can butter. So if you're worried about cholestrol etc try alkaline diet which brings your body into balance and lots of the diseases you will get might not happen.

So why are we advised to eat something that is not easy for the body to break down? I have many ideas but what is your opinion?

If Butter Is Better Why Is There Margarine In The Market Then?

If Butter is better why is there Margarine in the market then?

If butter is better why promote margarine?

What is the difference between butter and margarine. Aren't they both types of butter or is the ingredients different?

If butter is better why promote margarine?

The ingredients are different. Butter is made from milk obtained from cows (obviously), margarine is usually a blend of vegetable-based oils. There was a time in the 1900s when butter was expensive and in short supply, so margarine was created as a cheap replacement for butter. At one point the food industry didn't want to source solid vegetable fats needed to make margarine (e.g., coconut, palm oils) outside of the US, so instead they created fake, synthetic saturated fats out of liquid oils like soybean, corn, and safflower, hence hydrogenated oil - fake, toxic fats that the body can't break down and cause many deadly diseases like cancer, diabetes type 2, heart disease, obesity, ADHD in kids, digestive disorders, and the list goes on. Hydrogenated oils should be banned from the food supply. The food industry heavily marketed hydrogenated oils to replace natural saturated fats like butter, coconut oil, palm oil so they could make huge profits on cheap, garbage oils. Concurrently, oils high in Omega 6s - soybean, corn, safflower oils - were heavily promoted even though eaten in excessive amounts they cause inflammation in the body (e.g., intestinal inflammation). They have also been promoted for cooking when that couldn't be more inappropriate. These oils are highly sensitive to heat and eating oxidized oils results in diseases similar to eating hydrogenated ols.The reason I suggest Melt is because it is made with virgin coconut oil - a really great healthy oil - combined with flax seed and other oils. Besides having a wonderful, round flavor (in part due to a small amount of organic butter in the product), its organic, has an Omega6:Omega 3 ratio of 2:1, and soon to be soy free. The reason to consider Melt is because it offers a blend of oils that provide a complete fatty acid composition for optimal health - the best ratio of saturated-polyunsaturated-monounsaturated fats on the market. While butter has some key nutrients, virgin coconut oil is superior for delivering lauric acid and other medium chain fatty acids to the diet. When combined with key nutrients like Omega 3s found in flax oil, an oil blend can deliver greater nutrition than butter. I hope that helps.