Chakchouka Recipe by Mariette from HowToExpo

Chakchouka is a very popular recipe and we would like you to join the craze. Try it one time and the rest will be history. This Video prepared by Mariette has received lots of positive feedback. for the written ingredients and more in depth direction visit Mariette's Chakshouka Recipe

Also spelled as Shakshouka, Shakshuka, Chakchouka. Very popular in Tunis where this is a daily staple in many households. In Tunis they use a mix of spices called Tabel which comprises of coriander seeds, caraway seeds and dried red chilis, and don't forget the peeled and dried garlic cloves. I know that it is popular in the following countries Algeria, Morocco, Yemen, if you know the variations to this recipe specific with your country please do post it.

I picked Chakchouka as this week's Featured Video because it has won my heart and I always look forward to a Chakchouka Breakfast. If you like Mariette's Cooking Recipes register so you are updated when a new recipe is published.