Cooking Curry (What Should I know When Cooking Curry)

What Should I know When Cooking Curry?

These tips and principles should help you create some amazing curry dishes no matter what curry recipe you're trying.

First lets talk about Spices.

Spices serve as a basis to any curry powder or curry paste. For great results curry spices should be as fresh as possible.
Certain spices determine the characteristic and flavor from one curry to another. The basic and essential structure of the curry are cumin seeds and coriander seeds then other spices are added to them according to preference. Some of the spices commonly mixed with the cumin and the coriander seeds are,  Fenugreek, Ginger, Garlic, Turmeric and Cardamom.

There is a huge range of other spices used to prepare curry and in turn influencing the flavor.

Onion, Ginger, Garlic, Oil or Ghee, are essential for a well balanced true curry dish. I like to add cilantro at the end of the cooking time. Cilantro adds extra flavor which brings all the spices of the curry together

How Spicy Should The Curry Be?

Actually you can prepare a curry dish with or without any heat. Fore those who can tolerate spicy food a little added chili will give the curry an interesting flavor and taste. Using different chillies will affect the the taste of the curry. The thin long green chillies are the preference of Indian restaurants. Use chillies a little at time while cooking so that you do not overdo. It's easier to add more chili when wanted but it's impossible to take out any heat once added.

Many Chefs thicken their curry sauce by adding flour or starch to the sauce. I found a way to have a good consistency without using flour or starch in my curry.  After frying the onions in oil or ghee and cooking it with spices and chilly I go ahead and use my hand blender to puree the already softened onion. This way works very well for me. Try it and use this method from now on if you like it. In case of using whole chillies in your curry I suggest you take them out of the sauce before pureeing it otherwise the chili will break and your curry might become very hot.

Here are some authentic Indian Curry Recipes

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Here is a not so authentic Curry Appetizer recipe that none the less you might love Curry Hummus Dip


Thanks for the curry cooking tips

Thanks for the curry cooking tips. Definitely helped me make better curry. The chicken gizzard curry was simply amazing.