Cooking Salad

Cooking Salad anybody? I had never heard of cooking salad. Is it a joke? no it is not and to prove it here is a cooked salad recipe called Eech and it is amazing.

But the term cooking salad is being used more often for just making sald and that is wrong. Cooking is associated with heating up, boiling, frying, etc. To make a salad or to prepare a salad is a better way to refer to the process of making a salad.

If you have any favorite recipes for cooking salad and would like to share it with the community. Just log on and submit your recipe. We have a nice group of regulars that would be more than happy to share ideas and recipes. Hope you join us too.

I had a chance to look around the web for a cooked salad recipe and it was not that easy to get my hands on one. Everytime I get excited about finding something it turns out they are talking about adding cooked eggs to the salad or some other ingredient.

I heard Martha Stewart had some recipes using cooked salad, now that would be interesting. Have you tried it and if so how did you like it.

Here is the kitchen tested Cooked Salad everyone should try