Fried Greek Cheese - Saganaki Meze Mezze Appetizer Recipe

Yum! Fried Cheese! I never knew you can fry cheese, this is pretty cool! Its called Saganaki Meze or Mezzeh, it means Appetizer.   I think I did get the cheese and gave it a try. I preferred it with the lemon and ate it with a piece of sourdough toast. Just loved it.

My neice was over at the house and had a few bites as well. So now whenever she comes over she asked for Fried Cheese lool. She loves Greek yogurt too. I did have an extra piece that was not fried yet, and I grated it over a salad. It was lovely. My friend who is Greek, told me that it is used in many recipes, including dips, and the fried cheese is also used with salad. 

Anyhow here is a quick video hope you like it and give it a try.  I just love Greek Food so much.