German Beers Are Great But What Is The Best German Beer

I hear so much about how German Beer is the best but what is the best German beer. What is so different about German beer. What makes it so sought after.

Did you know there are more than 1300 breweries in Germany with over 5,000 Brands of Beer! And they have a strict law for the types of ingredients permitted for these beers.


German Beer Has Been Held To A Standard That Was Law

Many of American brewing companies were started by Germans with one difference in the US they didn't have to follow German standards. So German beer had and still has lots of flavor and variety. But now American Beer is catchng up. Not all.Also there is this attempt with a lot of brewers to have the highest Alcohol level. I don't know why I think the current Alcohol levels in US is just fine and they should work on taste.

Law for beer

The Law for allowed ingredients of Beer is quite simple: Hops, malt, water. Nothing else. This Law made in 1516 was by the way the first one in history concerning food.Talking about the "best beer" is really difficult. There are so many kinds of brewing a beer, even if you only use 3 ingredients. Northern german beers are usally more bitter, southern (especial bavarian) beer is more yeasty.