A Healthy Grocery List?

A healthy grocery list that is within budget of less than $180 per month. Healthy and balanced grocery list with sugestions for recipes.

I go to the grocery store and I don't know what to buy. Grocery shopping makes me cringe because I know most of what I will buy will be junk food. Food with pictures of fruits on the packaging yet no sign of the food in the packaging. How do you know what food is healthy?

Okey I understand that fruits and vegetables are good but maybe if there is a plan a list of healthy balanced diet food and the portions with sugested recipes. That would be amazing.

Can't seem to find such a list that I am conviced of. I resorted to writing this question because everyone I know is an expert and I get half truths not the complete picture about healthy diet foods. Foods that will cost less, be healthy and balanced. The advice I'm getting is eat bananas for potasium. Apple a day is good for you . Eat oranges. But that's so scattered I can't make a diet change based on these suggestions.

Also do not forget to add the sources for coupons for groceries.