How do I make iced tea with tea bags

How do I make iced tea with tea bags? For someone who finds himself traveling all the time making iced tea with tea bags would be a big cost saver. Would I be able to just add a tea bag into the bottle and get iced tea? or is there more to it.

Moderated Answer: Since this question needed an answer I took the liberty to see what is the best way to make iced tea. I've never asked myself How do I make iced tea with tea bags because I always bought it. Now here are the answers found:

Okey first of all, all iced tea experts advise on using loose leaf tea. So tea bags will not produce the best quality of iced tea. Having said that here is what you would need to make iced tea with tea bags.

Simplest answer that I tried and feel is the laziest way to make it is just make tea as usual and refrigerate the cup.

You'll get better results if you make the tea in a kettle and let it steep for about 5 -10 minutes, remove the teabags and let it cool down to room temperature. At this point you will most likely have bitter tea, add lemon or sugar to taste, chill with ice and refrigerate.

In conclusion: You have two options one is to make the tea as usual and chill it and the other is to place multiple tea bags in the kettle and get something like a concentrate that you have to dilute by adding water to get it to the consistency you prefer.

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