How To Prepare Canned Sweet Potatoes

How to prepare canned sweet potatoes to cook? Does it come ready to cook or do you have to prepare it a certain way so you get the best results from cooking? I don't see any instructions on the can.

Also does canned sweet potatoes taste the same as one bought from the store?

My friend Annie just stopped by and her advice on how to prepare canned sweet potatoes to cook is to drain it well and not to worry about cooking it since it already is cooked. That's a relief for me since I do love cooking but every shortcut that I can take is a plus in my book.

So now I have an idea on how to prepare it but what kind of recipes are there out there for canned sweet potatoes.

If you have any advice or think my friend Annie is wrong, she's not always right, then please leave a comment and I will come back and add what sweet potato recipe I tried and how I liked it.

If you can also answer this question How to cook canned sweet potatoes. After all if I can prepare it and can't cook it then there is no point in preparing it.