Kettle Corn? Which Is Best Kernel?

I'm making kettle corn tommorrow. I need help choosing The best kernel to make kettle corn I didn't know there are all these types of corn like butterfly or mushroom. So I am converting from a microwave popcorn user to a kettle corn popper. I don't even know what was the type of popcorn I was using.

So what is the best type of popcorn to buy that will pop in a kettle? What is the difference between these corns and how to tell them apart. Is it a good idea buy a kettle corn popper or can I just use any kettle?

One thing I'm sure is I know how to pop the popcorn as per this nice little instructional video on How To Make Popcorn

I am also aware of all the different popcorn poppers out there like the Ye Olde Corn Cooker which is being touted by the manufacturer as the best. I also looked at Amazon and found Waring Pro WPM30 Professional Kettle-Style Popcorn Maker this one is really nice looking I feel like going to the movies after seeing the picture for this one.

But I don't want to pretend I know much about this subject and all the input you can give me is appreciated. I could easyly spend two hundred dollars on this and I wouldn't mind doing that as long as I am sure that I am making the right choice. I always enjoyed popcorn and I want to get the right popper to use for a long time.


For Kettle Corn I would say both Mushroom or Butterfly Corn

I would say both mushroom and butterfly corn are good. I wouldn't worry too much. After all you can buy a sample of both and try. Since everyone's preference is different. I think you will enjoy kettle Corn popping. Much better than microwave.