Maverick Dual Sensor Thermometer For Meat And Oven

Why do you need a dual sensor thermometer? Depending on the type of oven you have it could very well be giving you the wrong reading as it has aged or for any other reason. Choosing a dual sensor digital thermometer will help you get the actual temprature so you can make the appropriate adjustments and be able to duplicate the results of the recipe you're working on.

This Maverick dual sensor digital thermometer sounds an alert when the perscribed temperature and time have reached. This helps avoid overcooking your food.

Some of the features include ninety nine minute count down timer which works while the temperature is being monitored. Sets and reads from -32 degrees to +572 degrees. Uses an AA battery which comes with it.

Also includes a handy 42" steel probe attachement to detect internal meat temperature. You can easily program your favorite pre set temperatures.

This is not for microwave use.

Now the big question is who has used this dual sensor digital thermometer. From all I have read about this monitor it sounds like the perfect digital gadget to have in the kitchen.

This Maverick Dual Digital Thermometer is available at Chef's Catalog








The Maverick Dual Digital Meat & Oven Thermometer, ET-85


I think Maverick dual sensor Thermometer is great

I think the maverick dual sensor digital thermometer is great. Just keeps on working.