Olive Oils

How to choose which extra virgin olive oil to buy? Greenish olive oil? Darker purplish olive oil?
What the labels are really telling us?

Olive oil is extracted by pressing the unripe green fruits (olives) of the olive tree. It is the only oil in existence which preserves the natural taste, aroma, vitamins of the fruit it is obtained from. Olive oil is the only vegetable oil that can be consumed as is, without any processing, without any additive, or flavor and color added to it. It is ready to be used for human consumption as soon as it is pressed out of the fruit.  

There is a big selection of olive oil available in the supermarkets and in the ethnic grocery stores.
Some are offered in bold plane looking glass bottles, others in plastic bottles and gallons, and or tin cans.
You can also find olive oil in fancy attractive small bottles selling for double or sometimes quadruple more
expensive than the same grade olive oil sold in plain looking containers.

With so many selections available on the market, how do we choose which extra virgin olive oil to purchase?
so that we take home the best olive oil for the money, without becoming another victims to marketing and promotion campaigns?


But labels can be confusing too. Then how do we choose the best olive oil to buy?

Am I confusing you? Wait, I'll explain. Choosing good grade Extra Virgin Olive oil or virgin olive oil is really very easy and simple.
All you need to read on the label is, Extra Vergin Olive Oil, or Virgin Olive Oil. NOTHING ELSE written on the label makes one brand better than the other!

Because, when you read, FIRST COLD PRESSED olive oil on the label, it is unnecessary information. Extra Virgin olive oil is always first cold pressed. No heat is used when producing virgin oil. Heat is used only when producing REFINED OIL.
NO CHOLESTEROL, is another unnecessary information, labeling as such does not better grade one virgin olive oil over another, because, olives being fruits, naturally they do not contain cholestrol. No fruits in existence contain cholesterol!

UNREFINED, NO PRESERVATIVES  Or no chemical added is also unnecessary information. If it is virgin olive oil, it is free from chemicals or preservatives. Virgin Olive oil is the only oil in existence, which can be used in its natural and pure form, as soon as pressed. It does not need chemicals or preservatives. Extra virgin olive oil and virgin olive oil are not processed!

Why do they include this information on labels then?
It's not wrong to label the bottles or containers with all the healthy and natural chemistry of the olive oil they contain.
It is WRONG ONLY when a specific company promotes its product in a certain way and urges the consumer to purchase their brand of olive oil to pocket the extra cost they intend to charge as a result.
All reputable brand extra virgin olive oil have the same chemistry. They are all bottled first cold pressed in its purest natural form.
Without chemicals, additive or colors added to it.
No HEAT or PROCESSING is PRACTICED in the production of extra virgin or virgin olive oil.