Pasta Recipe Pastitcio - A Greek Baked Pasta Recipe!

Pasta Recipe Pasticio
Had been searching for a while for a great lazania recipe and came across this Pasta Recipe Pastitcio. It is baked in the oven just like a lazania but using tubular pasta. As I went to the market to purchase all the ingredients I forgot to get the cheese, and I used whatever cheese I had at home which was Mozzarella. I also bought 5% fat ground beat to keep the meal a little healthier. Every bit counts! We had guests over last night and I made this as the main entree, and they truly loved it. It was not very expensive to make and considering it was enough for 6 people. And even had a piece left over to take to work with me the next day. I even received a call today for the recipe lol. Its a beautiful Greek dish which I thought id share with all of you. I must try some more Greek recipes

I love cooking Greek Food and am always on the look out for new recipes. So this is an invitation to you to share your favorite recipe. Would Love to hear from you!

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I loved this Pastitsio Video

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