Which Pots And Pans To Buy

Which Pots And Pans To Buy? How do you go about choosing pots and pans that will fit your budget as well as last for years. Impulse buying should go out the window, and an educated purchase decision is a must. 

Making a purchase decision based on the artwork on the box and description is not enough. You should be able to handle the pots and pans and see which one feels right for you. It is easy for a manufacturer to put together a great package and sell inferior pots and pans.

I purchased a Cast Iron pan and after quite some use it ended up rusting. They say you're supposed to maintain them, clean etc. Well I though I was but guess what if you scrub it with some of these scrubbers in the market you make some scratches which eventually ends up in a rusted pot or pan. To avoid this they've started coating enamel, which is great, but now you have to deal with the weight. So if possible stay away from cast Iron.

So let's talk about Non-Stick Cooking Pans: They're great I own a few. But I am so worried about scratching them. Everybody has to be reminded not to scratch it. That ain't fun.

I would recommend some of the newer stainless steel pots and pans with copper lining. Copper as is wouldn't be good because of its reaction with heat, absolutely not healthy choice. So the newer stainless steel pots and pans with copper lining are the best choice. There are many opinions on the subject and I hope I helped.

This video does explain all the different options from a chef's point of view.


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