Recipes For A Non Dairy Diet? (For People With Milk Protein Allergies) Best Substitute To Milk

Non dairy diet suggestions. Looking for a milk substitute . I know someone who has a milk protein allergy so they can't use regular milk. Want to stay away from anything that is not natural. The taste has to be something like milk or reminds you of milk. So any recipes that would help would be appreciated. This is for a kid who is 7 years old.

Some insight into milk protein allergies would be welcome too. I had never heard of this until now and would like to have the resources necessary to help.


Best non dairy diet substitute is Silk Soy Milk

 I knew someone that couldn't digest milk either. He substituted everything dairy with Silk. Look for Almond or a Soy white milk.  This works great in cereals, and even pash potatoes. These are available in most supermarkets and if you go to whole foods or trader joes you should find it. Do check with the doctor though before going forward with this.