Water Is There An Equivelent Drink!

Water constitutes about 70 percent of Earth's surface and it is something we can't do without. We all know that. Now how much water do we need to drink and are there other foods or drinks that would be refreshing, what can take the place of water?

"Pure water is hard to come by specially bottled water is far from being pure. Also the source of water, such as well, mountain spring, water fall, river and the list goes on, and the kind of surface the water body moves on and comes in contact with will have a direct impact to the water."

I did some investigation trying to find out if you really need to drink 8 glasses of water per day and could not find any scientific proof. You will find the recommendation freely available everywhere but no proof.

What is your opinion on this? and can you site for me a scientific study on how many glasses of water is optimum to stay healthy?

So what are the water sources available and is it treated or not?
Well the only two countries where the water is pure and does not need treatment such as Newzealand. So you're out of luck and must drink treated water. Even well water needs to be treated.


Water is like fuel to us

Every metabolic and chemical function in our body requires water for energy. Our immune system requires water to fight disease. Also you need water to digest and flush out toxins.

Listen To Your Body

Don't follow a strict rule of how many glasses of water to drink. That is counter productive. Don't force yourself to eat or drink anything if you feel otherwise.

Lots Of Fruits And Specially Watermellons

I think watermelon would do it. Besides most juicy fruits will have water. So if someone was stranded they would be able to survive on fruits. You've got me interested in this subject now. Water is something we drink everyday and it is so vital for our survival yet I don't know much about it? I want to know.

Water helps get rid of toxins

and helps your metabolism if consumed in moderation. I for one drink a glass of water every morning.