What Are The Best Foods That Help You Loose Weight

I want foods that will help me curb my appetite something that is based on natural ingredients and not a pill. Working most of the time in an office makes you not as active as you would like to be. So some good food choices would help to counter the weight gain from inactivity.


Best foods to help loose weight are natural foods

I would say stick with natural foods such as salads, without the fattening dressings, make your own dressings so you know what's in it. I increased my daily activity and changed the types of food that I ate and it made a world of difference.

Don't try anything that is quick and easy and promises you the sky. Just find a good balance of foods that you enjoy and that are healthy for you.

I understand Beets are very healthy for you and so is garlic and onions. So adding these to your daily consumption, in moderation, should help you. I am keeping my answers general because first I don't know your needs and second I am not a nutritionist. So just giving you my personal preferences and what I have gathered from research.

Olive oil is very good for the body and yet it is also supposed to be fatening. I never stopped consuming olive oil and was able to lose weight but I did increase my activity level and eliminated junk food from my diet.

Also if you drink any kind of soda even the so called diet sodas you are sabotaging yourself. Stop drinking these sodas and you're already on your way to loose some weight.


Thanks for answering my best food for weight loss question

Thanks for answering my best foods for weight loss question. I love olive oil, but I will watchout how much I use it, now that you pointed out that it doesn't help with weight loss. It is encouraging to see how you lost weight, I have started excercising now and have completely stoped drinking sodas. 

Will keep you updated

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