What Did You Have For Dinner

What Did You Have For Dinner? Or Did You Have Dinner?

I sometimes forget to have dinner, specially when I get busy. If you didn't forget then what did you have for dinner? did you make a hamburger? or just ate yesterdays leftovers? would you recommend what you had today? if so share the recipe

I ate stir fry shrimp, very tasty. since I asked you to share the recipe here is the recipe for my shrimp dinner extravaganza

You can discribe how you made the recipe and what did you change to make it better? Will you make it again or it didn't make it into your family menu. When it comes to cooking something good there is nothing better than making it from a recipe that you know has had the kitchen test by someone else. That's why I ask.

Here are some ideas for what to make for dinner in this website that I've tried with great success.

If you didn't have dinner what were you doing that made you forget about cooking? One time I actually made an omelette for dinner, since I was busy and thought that would be the fastest dish to make, then I looked at the watch and left to work. Half way to work I realized I had left my perfectly cooked dinner at the table.


What did I have for dinner?

What did I have for dinner? a good question, I haven't had dinner yet. I checked out your link and there are some great recipes there but I didn't have the exact ingredients then I saw the tomato and eggs recipe and who doesn't have tomato and eggs? so here I am watching the video and making the Shakshuka recipe. Looks good let's see how it tastes.