What Goes With Fish?

What goes well with fish? Suggest side dishes that could be served with fish. I will be making the Mahi Mahi Fish Recipe for dinner and wanted to see what goes well with fish.

If you have a different fish recipe, I might try it too. So what is the best side dish that goes with fish?

This is the fried fish recipe I'll be trying

Links to side dishes that go well with fish would be best.

Update: I took your suggestions and tried the tomato salad and hot sauce. That worked well thanks again for all your help.
I could see just having the hot sauce but not everyone in the family likes spicy so the tomato salad was a great option that everyone enjoyed. I added a little extra hot pepper.

Here are the links for the Tomato Salad and the hot sauce


A healthy tomato salad goes well with fish

Here is the link to a healthy tomato salad that I think you will love. http://howtoexpo.com/recipes/tomato-salad

This hot sauce goes well with fish

Hot sauce goes well with any fish recipe try this one http://howtoexpo.com/recipes/hot-sauce-recipe

I will try this hot sauce recipe with fish and let you know

Never thought of trying hot sauce with fish. But sounds interesting and the finished sauce definitely looks appetizing. Will give this one a try.