Where To Buy Rice

Where To Buy Rice
As a person who just started cooking I only ate rice at restaurants. Now that I am getting into cooking at home I am wondering is there more choices than what is available in my supermarket. What type of rice to use for pilaf, for stuffing vegetables. Do you use the same rice for steaming or do you need a special type?
Excuse my ignorance but I am new at cooking. Also does the taste of rice change as it ages? and is there any best use by date for rice.

Also what is your opinion about buying rice online?


Rice is abundantly available in major supermarkets and mom and pop stores. So as far as where to buy rice I would just direct you to the nearest grocery store. Make sure to shop around to get the best price as it will vary.

If you are looking for organic rice then try markets like Whole Foods or Trader Joe's and if you don't have these stores in your area look for health stores or Organic stores.

All types of rice are found online with a click of a button.

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