Where Can I Buy Water Online?

Buy Water Online, easier said than done. I am lost and can't figure out how to buy water online. I recently started reading how bad water from the faucet is and was wondering if there is a good reputable brand that sells water online. I never knew that I would have to look for water online but here I am asking for it.

I remember when water used to taste good now I have to squeeze lemon in it just to make it bearable to drink. what do you think about this matter. If I buy online though how much would the shipping be or if I purchase online and the company would have a distribution center near by and make regular deliveries.

Besides helping me with where to buy water online I would also want to know which brand should I be looking for. I understand in the old times some people in Europe used to drink wine because the water was so bad. But if I did that I would be drinking water in jail. Your constructive input would be absolutely appreciated.

Why would I want to buy water online? Well maybe I don't like the taste of the water here and I don't want to bother with changing water filters.

Here are the final results to my research

Buy Water On Amazon You will get free shipping if your purchase is over $25. That is a big deal since water is heavy and if you were to pay shipping for it then it would cost you quite a bit.

Buy Spring Water Online even if they're local you might find deals and offers they're making online that you might not have gotten if you just called them directly and said  you want to schedule spring water delivery.

What is your opinion regarding this and have you found a good website that delivers quality water for a good price? Do you have any experiences purchasing online. Any online deals that you have found? Please share.


I prefer the nearest shop for

I prefer the nearest shop for purchase a water. It is safe option. Stop sweating