Yakibuta Ramen Noodle Soup Recipe With Pork

Japanese Noodle dishes have so many variations and they're all tasty. Yakibuta Ramen Noodle dish with pork is a definite winner. The noodles used are Chinese style wheat noodles. Ramen has Chinese origins and has become very popular in Japan. In China its spelled La Mian and  Ramen in Japanese.

Ramen Noodles has many variations with the common ingredients being Noodles and Broth.

The variations are increasing as everyone who loves it puts their own unique touch to it. But there are four main types:

Shio, Tonkotsu, Shoyu, Miso and if you find a good video to post for each example drop me a line.

I tried this in a local restaurant first and it is amazing. In looking for some interesting variations I found these popular Japanese recipes, Tokyo Style Ramen, Hakata Ramen, Kitakata Ramen, Tsukemen Dipping Ramen,  Aburasoba Oiled Noodles, Takayaman Ramen, Hyashi Ramen, Butter corn Ramen.

How do you prepare your Yakibuta Ramen Noodle?

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Ramen Soup that rocks

Ramen soup comes in so many varieties and I loved this one. Noodle Soup recipes with some tradition.