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Maverick Dual Sensor Thermometer For Meat And Oven

Why do you need a dual sensor thermometer?

Hard Boiled Egg Green Ring

I can't avoid Hard Boiled Egg Green Ring no matter what I do. Is it me or is it the egg? Why most of the time there is this greenish ring around the yolk of  my hard boild eggs?

Types Of Vegetarian Diets

What are the types of Vegetarian Diets?

Most people would answer Vegetarian and Vegan. But in fact there are 6 dfferent Vegetarian Diets people follow.

Vegetarian have 6 sub-categories.

3- Ovo-lacto vegetarian
4- Ovo vegetarian
5- lacto vegetarian
6- Vegan.

Vegetarian is a GENERAL term used to describe a person whose diet does not include meat, poultry, fish or seafood.
Many switch to vegetarian life style because of religion belives, health or ethic reasons.

Vegetarian Food Pyramid

What Is The New Vegetarian Food Pyramid?

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine recommends what they call the "Four New Food Groups."

1-At least three servings of vegetables a day. (dark green leafy vegetables and dark yellow and orange such as carrots.)

2-Five servings of whole grains (bread, grain, pasta.)

3-Three servings of fruits.

4-Two servings of legumes (beans, peas, lentils)

What to use when cooking vegetarian/vegan?

Nutrition For Vegetarians

Nutrition For Vegetarians

When switching from non vegetarian diet to vegetarian diet, there are 2 imported facts you should know to stay healthy.

A--Vegetarian diet is rich in antioxidents, vitamines, and healthy fats.

B--Non vegetarian diet is rich with protein, iron, zinc, calcium and vitamine B12

When switching to a vegetarian diet, it is essential to learn how to prepare meals with the correct combination of nutrients to avoid short term or long term health complications.

Turkey Cooking Times Chart For Thanksgiving

Turkey Cooking Times Chart For Thanksgiving?

Cooking Curry (What Should I know When Cooking Curry)

What Should I know When Cooking Curry?

These tips and principles should help you create some amazing curry dishes no matter what curry recipe you're trying.

First lets talk about Spices.

Health Benefits Of Beets And Beet Greens

Health benefits of beets and beet greens

Beets (Types Of Beets How To Choose Beets)

Beets are grown in different varieties, red, golden, and striped. I am going to talk today on the red variety which is the most popular
and widely available in almost all supermarkets and local ethnic produce stores.

Beets (all varieties included) are from the same family as Swiss chard and spinach. Although they are available all year around,
they are more abundant from June to October.

Yogurt Milk Difference

Lactose in milk is converted by yogurt's bacteria into lactic acid which helps digest lactose or dairy products, therefore yogurt with live culture is safe for people with lactose intolerance. The lactic acid of yogurt is a perfect medium to maximize calcium absorbtion.
Eight ounces of yogurt will equal to 400mg of calcium. 25% more calcium than you would get out of a glass of milk.

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