Uses For Olive Oil (Snoring Remedy, Dandruff Remedy) List Of Remedies

Uses For Olive Oil

When You think snoring remedy try olive oil?

Beside being used as a Healthy Oil for sauteing and as salad dressing, Olive Oil is also useful for many other things around the house.

1) Stop snoring. Take a sip of olive oil before bedtime, it might help you stop from snoring.

2)  Extra virgin olive oil is a very handy and natural remedy for dandruff. Put some on your scalp, leave it on
for about 20 minutes then comb your hair well before shampooing.

3) It is also useful to apply olive oil on the scalp of new born babies to treat the new born baby dandruff or cradle cap.
Leave the olive oil on for 15 minutes then comb the loose flakes off, slowly and very carefully. You should always be very careful with a new born baby's scalp, specially around the soft spots. Shampoo with a baby shampoo and warm water.

4) Use it as a lubricant instead of shaving cream or soap for a close shave.

5) Use a few drops of olive oil on your fingernails specially cubicles to moisturize.

6) Cure diaper rash by gently applying some olive oil to your child's bottom.

7) Add a few tablespoon of olive oil in your bath tub for an amazing results when you towel off.

8) Use olive oil to remove your make up. Just dub few drops under your eyes, chicks and forehead and wipe your make up off with a damp towel.

9) Stop suffering from The tickling of your throat and the irritating cough that follows by taking a sip of olive oil.

10) Exfoliate your face and hands by rubbing your skin with olive oil and then scrubbing with sugar or salt. rinse well with warm water. Give it a try. Exfoliating this natural way might save you a lot of money.

11) Mix olive oil with beeswax in 1:1 ratio, Add a fragrance, if you like, and have a home made balm for dry and chapped lips.

12) Cure an earache by carefully dripping few drops of olive oil in the external ear with a cotton ball.
(do not use cotton swabs as you might insert it deep in your ear and heart your eardrum)

13) Apply some olive oil to your child's scalp to get rid of lice if detected, leave it on for about 40 minutes then shampoo
your child's hair twice and apply a preventive medicine.

14) Prevent your cat from  developing hair balls by adding a little of olive oil to its food. Adding olive oil
to the food  of your pet will also promote a shiny coat. Add olive oil to your pet's food according to it's size. Olive oil
is a fat even though it is a healthy one, it can still add calories your pet might not need.

15) Use a few olive oil drops to sooth your dogs infected ears. Olive oil will smother out the ear mites too. (Ear mites cause ear infection in dogs) I like to make a note of it here that the ear drops prescribed by the veterinarians contains insecticides. The ear drops may take care of the infection, but while doing so it also inhibits the natural immune system which cause recurrences.

Have you tried Olive oil as an alternative medicine in your household? if you have, share your experience with us. I'd like to hear from you! Have you tried to feed olive oil to your pets as a home remedy? Have you ever tried to sooth your pet's earache with drops of olive oil? Share your story with us so that our visitors can learn and benefit from your experience.