Kitchen Kraft Coupon

Kitchen Kraft Coupon

As I researched about Kitchen Kraft Coupon offerings the first thing I quickly realized that most websites are showing that it is an unreliable coupon even though the success rates were at 7% to 40%. This is not good numbers for me so I needed to find out where can I find a good useable coupon code with high success rates.

Kitchen Kraft Coupon offerings are quite a lot but as any offer there are deadlines and many times you'll find a coupon that is passed the deadline.

So I visited the Kraft Kitchen website I couldn't find a section on coupons so went ahead and looked for newsletter subscription section and there it was an offer to buy for $2.99 and receive 20 recipes and $30 worth of coupons. I could not find in the newsletter discription any promises to receive coupons.

My opinion is that if you do buy Kraft then it is worth paying $2.99 to get $30 dollars worh of coupons. But wait a second. Why not get it for free. Let me give this another try. Different angle.

Ok I found it, on the top of the page next to home there is a Promotions link that's where you'll find the latest coupons. It is so easy to miss it when you're looking for a page called coupons.

So you can save via the coupons offered in the promotions page plus have the option to buy a $30 off coupon which can be found in the newletters page. The Newsletter link is at the footer of the website.

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Never knew about the coupons,

Never knew about the coupons, new for me. Thanks for posting

Ohhh that is great, I found

Ohhh that is great, I found the latest coupons. Thanks,

I knew someone who was a master of using coupons

Several years ago I knew someone who was associated with one or several coupon clubs or sources. She had shoe boxes filled with coupons, and by using those coupons at stores that double the coupons up to a certain value she would come out with carts full of groceries that she only paid a couple of dollars for. Sounds unreal I know and I wouldn't have believed it myself but I was actually with her on one of those shopping trips and she left the grocery store with two heaping carts, a register slip three feet long and the grand total of that shopping trip just $1.78!!! Just in case you think this may be a typo, it's not, her grocery total was one dollar and seventy eight cents.

While I realize that times have changed and the savings opportunities may not be as great today, I believe that there has to be a better source for coupons than the Sunday paper.

i have used kitchen kraft coupons they're good

ya i did get the kitchen kraft coupons and it worked.