Best Online Dating Category Section Now Live!

Online Dating Category at is now open. This section is intended to be an extension of the website and will cover everything about dating. We are looking for a couple of you who have experience in dating and singles scene to give honest advice.

We've Online Dating Expert, that's his username, who will give a man's perspective on dating. And are currently looking for the female voice or voices on the subject of dating.

So do you have something to say? Good experiences, bad experience, scam dating websites, best practices for a safe dating experience. Your participation is welcomed.

This dating category will be expanded to sections that have to do with everything after a good and succesful date. You know what that means right?

So welcome and be a safe dater

Here are some of the subjects you can write about

Best Dating Websites: Your experiences with dating websites and advice from those who are in the dating scene.

Best First Date Experiences: No names please just your experiences.

What Not To Do On A First Date: We sometimes get ahead of ourselves and give the wrong impression. So share what not to do on a date and why?

The list above is not intended to limit you to these subjects just give you an ideas.

The goal is to have a fun atmosphere with the aim of learning something to improve ourselves.

Dating Category: 


Dating Category On Dating Advice

Dating category on dating advice is a good idea and I'm sure a lot of us regulars will have a lot to say.

About Time We Had A Dating Category

About time we had a dating category. I am sure we all have some good advice to give and take.

How about a category for dating experiences

How about a category for dating experiences.