Complaining Women

Complaining women

Come in different levels. Some have the right to complain and others are born to complain. We're going to examine different reasons for complaining and try to find the driving force behind it.

Comaplianing to others but never to the boyfriend or husband? Why would you say that is?

She could be shy, but with the boyfriend or husband? someone wake her up. If you're the husband or boyfriend then maybe you need to initiate the conversation because if left unchecked you don't know who will play with her mind.

Well it could be that someone else has entered her life and she is preparing to let go. But before she kicks the guy that everyone loves out of her life, she must first make him hated by everyone, so when they find out she left him and is with someone else, they will understand.

Or she is simply an attention seeker and there really isn't much to complain about. In either case if you're the brother,
sister or friend of the person being complained about, you should be worried. So what are you to do? you don't want to be
the cause of a break up for no good reason. So the best advice to give her is to face him with her complaints. Tell her that
listening to complaints without being able to help, might be helpling fuel the fire and you don't want to be a part of it. So
the game plan is to have them talk it out.

So What if She has something to complain about?
I think that if she truely loves him and can't tell it to his face her issues with him. Then by complaining to others she is
opening the door for charlatan friends who don't like to see anyone happy to steer her into hating him. Which is something she
is already doing by non stop complaining. And the end is not good because the more she complains the more things she will find
to complain because after all she has created the audience and now needs to come up with new material for the show. If she's
not talking to him about her relationship issues then she needs to leave him and find a certified psychic.

What is your opinion about this.

*Disclaimer: I am talking about people with regular issues or possibly a cheating woman. If it was about an abusive relationship then again complaining isn't going to help, but rather leaving the abusive husband, wife etc.

What if you're dating a complaining Woman what should you do?


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If a woman is complaining while dating you!

If a woman is complaining while dating you then expect her to be crying after marrying you. It's her nature and she can't help it.