Confused Love (Help Please I Need Good Love Advice)

I need good love advice. I was married and went through the whole drama of finding that my husband was cheating on me. When I confronted him he denied everything and finally became abusive like I was at fault for finding out. I was supposed to be the nice stupid wife who saw nothing and prepared the food when and if he came home.

That's the past but it is haunting me till today. You see I can't find true love because I have shut myself from anything that has to do with love. I don't know if what I'm feeling is lust or confused love.

Now I am with my boyfriend of 5 months and it seems like we're getting close to commiting to eachother. He already has said the "I love you" a few times and I have somehow avoided it. But now I feel it is time to go for it or forget it. I am afraid that I will do something to sabotage the relationship because I have done it before. What is your advice regarding this. Should I continue or should I break up.

I simply have trust issues with men. Please any advice would be great. Thanks

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Just like the word cheater exists so does the word loyal

Just like the word cheater exists so does the word loyal for good reason. There are always going to be cheating lovers and loyal lovers. So be sure to give the loyal lover a chance.

I agree just like there are cheaters there are also loyal lovers

Just like there are cheaters there are also loyal lovers. The secret is to find the loyal lover.

It's not confused love it is reluctant love

Once cheated on it is hard to shake it off and see the world through the same rose glasses. But not everyone is a low life and I dare say that it is hard to love again but if you feel your boyfriend is in love with you and you can love him, if you allow yourself to fall in love again you might be making the best decision in your life.

It is easy to shut yourself out and not try again. Allow your new found love to shine.