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Dating Techniques Science of Attraction

What are the dating techniques that works best? this video actually takes a fun and scientific style test of three different approaches.
Being yourself and improving communication is the best you can do. The results were all over the place but the guy who was honest and simple got the most positive reaction from the girls in the test.
Lots of dates are arranged via online dating websites, where you're able to make an imression but when that first date/meeting is set and you need to impress you will need to be yourself. You must be confident, listen carefully, do crack a joke or two, don't force it as it will show. Let your character shine.
Which one of these characters do you associate yourself with? and how would you improve your approach after watching this video.
Talking about dating techniques and the sience of attraction is all good and helpful but at the end of the day confidence will always shine. If you notice all the guys were confident and they all got high marks with at least one girl. Even the guy who was a complete fake.
Any dating advice you can part with would be great. Just leave a comment below.
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