Plans to screen Members has announced that new members will be screened. Dating has always had risk. But in these days its even more so since now when you're being asked for a date more often than not it is over the internet. It used to be in person, someone you were atleast acquainted to. But is not guaranteeing the result, since nothing can really be one hundred percent foolproof. Even though this is a concern and should be for good reason.

We all have dos and don'ts for best dating practices. But all in all short of hiring an investigator, we do have to rely on our gut feeling.

What is your take on this subject? What are your dos and don'ts for dating? Best dating practices

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Comments should either screen everyone or just forget it should screen everyone. It is a good idea but they will not screen free members because it's a hassle and will probably discourage new members from signing up. can't guarantee this can't guarantee this. I understand paying members will be screened but non paying members won't . So where is the protection for the paying members. What do you think?

I'll check's policy

I'll check's policy. It seems that if they don't screen all members, paying and non paying, then it beats the whole idea. You will have paid members that are screened and non paying members that are not. How fair is that.