Middle Eastern Dish

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What is your favorite Middle Eastern Dish? Tell me how you discovered it and do you make it or do you prefer someone else to make it and you take the part of the food critic. I for one love to cook but sometime it is great if someone else cooks for me.

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I Learnt how to make Shakshuka

here at howtoexpo by Mariette. I prefer to make it myself to make it just right.

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My favorite Middle Eastern Dish is Shakshuka

I just ate Shakshuka today for lunch and it is my favorite Middle Eastern Dish today. Let me see what is my favorite dish tomorrow.

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I love Kibbe Lebanieh

Kibbe lebanieh is one of my favorite foods. I don't eat it everyday but when it is on the menu I look forward to eat.

Kibbeh Labanieh Rules

I tried it and WOW it is amazing. I have been cooking only one type of food, and fast food now I want to have a more international Menu and this recipe is currently number one in my list.