Olive Oil

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Olive Oil has been a traditional harvest in the Mediterranean countries. Besides cooking you will find it in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and soaps.

I am most interested in the cooking angle of Olive oil for a healthy diet. It is a widely agreed upon fact that due to the Mediterranean diet lots of the diseases are kept in check. Exactly the opposite of our US Diet. I for one use it a lot. One simple example is. If I just want to have a quick breakfast I'll get a plate add some paprika, chili pepper and Olives in it and drizzle a healthy amount of olive oil. and dig in.

What is your opinion on Olive oil, how do you use it. Any good recipes?

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Some Great Articles On Olive Oil And Healthy Benefits

Mariette has authored some great articles on olive oil and health benefits. Olive Oil Articles

I use olive oil

Olive oil with salads is great, with dips its super. Try olive oil with dips.

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Olive oils come in different grades

I use extra virgin Olive oil for cooking and salads, olive oil is part of my daily diet. I didn't plan on it either. Just a family thing. Try Olive oils and find the taste you like. I love the extra virgin olive oil.