Baba Ghanouj Recipe

Baba ghanouj also (Baba Ghanoush, Baba Ganoush, Baba Ganouj) dip is very popular in the Middle East. while it looks very complicated to make as you'll find out it is very simple and with crowd pleasing results. My name is Mariette and Welcome to my Kitchen.

First I Bake the eggplants, wrapping them in Aluminium foil, at 400 Degrees for 35 minutes. Then let them cool down. The eggplants should be soft to the touch.

Cut the head off, peel the skin, remove as much of the seeds as possible.
Cut into Smaller pieces.

In the food processor add two lemon juice, around six cloves of garlic and some salt. Mix

Next add three tablespoons of Tahini. Tahini is the secret ingredient of Baba Ghanouj. It's made from Sesame Seed Paste. Some people use lime instead which works just as well. Also add the Eggplants and Mix.

After mixing them in the food processor you can add a little of paprika or chili, as you wish, a little bit of olive oil. Some people add a table spoon or two of yogurt. I don't.

Check for the salt and if needed add.

I decorate it with chili, and add some olive oil on the top.

And it's ready to serve.

Question: looks very nice. what would you eat this with?
Answer: You can eat Baba Ghanouj alone, with pita bread or as a side dish with all types of Barbecue, like chicken, steak, fish and kebab

Question: How Long do you bake the eggplants?
Answer: Bake in 400 degrees oven for 35 minutes or until soft.

If you try it let me know. Thanks

  1. 2 Eggplants
  2. 2 Lemons Juiced
  3. 6 Cloves of Garlic
  4. Some Salt
  5. 3 Tablespoon of Tahini
  6. Some Oil to top it off
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