Cabbage Tabouleh

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Looking for a Healthy salad? Here is an alternative to the traditional all parsley Tabouleh (Tabouli or Tabbouleh) salad. This video will show you how to make Cabbage Tabouleh - an Arabic salad dish.

You can eat this salad with just about any recipe, its a great side dish.

In a small bowl place the 3 tablespoon bulgur with 4 tablespoon water and set aside.
The bulgur will soak up the water and become soft and moist.

Cut up all the vegetables and add them all together in a large bowl.

Also add the red pepper powder, salt and extra virgin olive oil and bulgur.

Mix together well and serve.

This is a very healthy salad, low cost and easy to make. Perfect addition to your Vegetarian Menu. Hope you enjoyed the video. If you try this recipe let me know. Thanks

  1. Cabbage - 1 Small - Finely Cut
  2. Parsley - 1 Bunch - Finely Chopped
  3. Lemon or Lime Juice - 2 Count - Small
  4. Garlic - 3 Cloves - Crushed
  5. Bulgur - #1 Fine - 3 Tablespoon soaked in 4 tablespoon of water
  6. Fresh Mint - 2 Tablespoon - Finely Chopped
  7. Red Pepper Powder - 1/4 [Quarter Teaspoon] or To Taste
  8. Extra Virgin Olive Oil - To Taste
  9. Salt - To Taste