How To Make Scrambled Eggs With Water

How To Make Scrambled Eggs With Water was a success. This is a kitchen tested Healthy Scrambled Eggs With Water Recipe. There is no butter or oil of any kind which makes this recipe a healthy scrambled egg recipe.

Many of us have been told by our doctor not to use butter or margarine and ofcourse you can use vegetable oil but if you want to enter the brave world of cooking with water then I encourage you to try this recipe and see if you like the taste.

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I've gotten some comments like "you can't make scrambled eggs with water". Well this video proves you can. Give it a try  and share your opinion with us.



1) Use a non stick fry pan heated on medium high. The reason to use a non stick fry pan is for the egg not to stick to the pan.  

2) Crack the eggs into a bowl, and whisk until well blended. 

3) Pour the water onto the pan.

4) Pour the egg mixture onto the pan.

5) Mix with a heat resistent spatula or wooden spoon.  

6) Cook until it is firm. 

7) Remove and place onto a dish. 

8) Season with a little salt and black pepper to taste. 

Healthy Egg Recipes now just got even healthier by using no butter or oil. What do you think? My next video will be Poached Eggs. Do you know any other egg recipes succesfully done by using water?  If you know any other egg recipes prepared only with water drop me a line.

Breakfast with eggs is the easiest and quickest way to put together a nutritious meal and I plan to make more of these videos.

  1. 2 to 3 eggs
  2. 3 to 4 tablespoons water
  3. Salt to taste
  4. Black Pepper to taste