Lebanese Labneh is a yogurt cream cheese. They serve it slightly different in Syria. The taste is basically the same and the difference is in the presentation. Labneh is sold, ready made, in your local Mediterranean or Middle Eastern Market. You can prepare it at home and it is definitely more economical. This is a perfect Dip recipe.

How To Make Yogurt cheese Labneh

For yogurt cheese we need a wet cheese cloth, a collander and a container to collect the dripping weigh. Here are the steps Add the amount of yogurt you want on the wet cheese cloth then gather the ends of the cheese cloth together and give it a gentile twist squeezing lightly. leave it in the refrigerator for two or three days. For a lighter yogurt cheese leave the yogurt in the refrigerator no more than 1 or 2 days. Discard the weigh accumulated in the container. The result is Labneh I have already prepared the Labneh (see video) the consistency is almost like cream cheese. Traditionally this is served as mezza. It is an appetizer that you can eat with pita chips or pita bread. You can use it as a spread in sandwiches.

How to serve

In a plate spread it around, pushing the edges higher so that there is room for the olive oil. First put the green olives in the center or on the sides depending on your dish (see video) add paprika on the edges and some in the middle and dry mint in the center and drizzle some olive oil and you've got a very colorful and tasty appetizer worthy for a place on your table. You'll find this Lebanese yogurt cheese in all Middle Eastern menus as it has become a given. If you're having guests from Lebanon or even Syria they'll feel at home when you serve this simple yet amazing cheese. If this recipe or something close to this is popular in your country please share that with me and also if you know how to make it add the recipe too would be great.

  1. Yogurt
  2. Olives
  3. Paprika
  4. Olive Oil


making labneh

was so easy thanks to your clear demonstration. Now I know how to make yogurt cheese the lebanese way. Thanks