Oyako Don Recipe

Oyako Don also known as Oyakodon is an amazing Japanese Rice Bowl Recipe. If you have heard of donburi well this is it. So many ways to name it and make it. In the following pages you'll find the most popular Oyako don recipe videos and recipes.

All ingredients of Oyako don, the main ingredients being Chicken, egg, scallion or onion, are cut into bite size and simmered over with a Japanese cooking and soup stock called Dashi. Track down dashi and make sure you use it if you want the authentic taste. I've tried it with other sauces but find that using Dashi is the best choice.

This video is made by cooking with a dog. I discovered them a few years ago and love all the recipes that are presented by them. If you like this video you will also love these recipes too.

What does Oyako Don mean? It means parent and child Donburi the best explanation I gathered is that it reflects the fact that Chicken and eggs are used in the recipe.

Here is a really good Oyako don recipe video that I think you will love.