Tahn is an Armenian yogurt drink. It is known as Ayran in Turkey and Dugh in Middle East. There are many ways of serving this exquisite drink and here is one way.

In any cup or container add 1/4 plain yogurt, blend with spoon, fork or hand mixer until smooth consistency. Then depending on the consistency preferred add half the water and mix, and continue adding the water for the rest of the cup. Salt to taste.

To make the yogurt drink cold, either refrigerate for an hour or add ice cubes.

Garnish with fresh Mint Leaves.

And serve.

Some other ways of making and presenting this drink are:
Add chopped cucumber the amount you like and also squeeze some garlic into the drink. I tend to not add garlic but know it is popular in many circles. The chopped cucumber is always a hit though so you might want to try that too.

*NOTE - Instead of water can also be made with club soda or mineral water.

*NOTE - Sprinkle a little of dry mint and mix throughout the drink and make the drink yogurt drink with mint.

  1. Plain Yogurt - 1/4 of any cup or container
  2. Water - 3/4 of any cup or container
  3. Salt - To Taste
  4. Fresh Mint - Optional - Garnish